Case Study : Dan Lee, A Chinese American

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Case Study Two Throughout the case study, Dan Lee, a Chinese American, was struggling with concentrating on his college studies and reoccurring personal conflicts amongst people. Dan is an undergraduate student preparing to apply for medical school, which he cannot apply unless he passes all necessary courses. However, he has been having some difficulty with staying on top of all assignments given. Also, he seeks help from the university-counseling center with his feelings of anxiety, tension, sadness, and anger. Many of these feelings arise when his fellow peers, family, and friends does not see that he is always “right” and they are always “wrong”. Although, in some cases he feels disrespected by the way his mother and sister does not abide by his aggressive demands. Dan wants to take control of his mother and sister’s lives by not allowing his mother to talk to his dad as much, and deciding what career and friends his sister should choose. After many visits to seeing the social worker, Dan still cannot grasp the meaning between disagreement and disrespect. So throughout the following paragraphs, you will understand the driving force of Dan’s behavior, how cognition and emotion plays a magnificent role, and the patterns of thinking and feeling Dan developed from his cultural background The Driving Force of Dan’s Behavior While growing up, Dan felt like he needed to step up and be the authority figure since his father was not in the picture. Dan assumed that he was responsible for the well being of his mother and sister, which caused him to become stressed. As he struggles with earning admission to medical school, we see that the driving force of Dan’s behavior is that he sees himself as the alpha of the family. So, since he ... ... middle of paper ... ... be aware that he has this fire inside of him that causes him to become angry. So, when the behavior is conscious, then Dan can take action to over come the feeling. Conclusion In conclusion, the case study was based on how Dan struggled to maintain good grades because of the feeling he was experiencing. The feeling he was experiencing was caused by the internal assumption that he has to be the one to make sure his mother and sister makes the right decisions. However, Dan does not think he is ever “wrong”, which is a barrier between his peers and himself. So, this study gave me the understanding that not all emotions are experienced the same way, behavior difficulties could be caused by cultural differences, individuals actions are usually learned through the periods of early childhood to adolescent, and some emotions needs to be pointed out so you can take action.

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