Case Study: Curiosity And Wonder

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Curiosity and Wonder: Design & Interpretation in the Museum
Dru Colbert

This class presented many real world challenges, the biggest of which was the overlapping project deadlines. At one point in the term, I was working on a group project and two other independent projects. All projects were due by the end of term, but due to their complexities, some would need more time than others.

The first project was to construct curiosity cabinet which served as some of the first museum’s hundreds of years ago. I really liked this project, and even though most people finished the project in two weeks, I spent the most time on this project out of all of them totaling around 50 hours. The sculpture was a paper mache tree with decorated interior to compliment
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I choose biomimicry and my teacher asked if I was also research biofilia and talk about the difference between the two, because he did not know it himself. I learned so much about these two topics and found they were so interesting I continued it into the next project. For the next project we were look up a green super hero nad talk about what they have done for green design. I looked up a women who emphasizes in biofila design buildings. This allowed me to really dig deep into what it meant to design a building with biofila principles in mind and how a real architect puts those principles into…show more content…
At College of the Atlantic we have a phrase we live by: Life changing, world changing. The launching a new venture class is one of the classes the college offers that kickstarts the world changing part. At the beginning of class, we would present the idea wanted to launch and convince one or two people in the class to join you on your quest. Having just taken my three senior project credits on my idea to create a science YouTube channel, I got two other people to join my team and help me figure out how to make my dream come

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