Case Study: Conrad Jarret

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Identifying information

Conrad Jarret is an eighteen years old white male who live with his parent’s Beth and Calvin Jarret in an upper middle class suburban in Chicago Illinois. He is a high school junior also part of the swim team. Within the Jarret family, Beth, Conrad and Calvin all have different problems. Beth is a perfectionist who is unaccustomed with tragedy. Conrad pursuit to find himself, while trying to please the people around him, his father Calvin is cautious about his son and his feelings. Conrad 's mother refuses to forgive him for his suicide attempt, she believes he did it in order to destroy her perfectly ordered life.

Reason for referral/route of referral

The Jarret’s family life is in turmoil. They are in need of
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The main one is losing Buck. Buck and his younger brother Conrad went sailing, a sudden storm came overturned the boat. Buck drowned.
Calvin Jarret do not know his father


Physical functioning

Health concerns: Conrad is chronically depress, he is showing signs of sadness almost every day. He has loss the enjoyment in swimming something that he once found pleasurable. Conrad is having a feelings of hopelessness and excessive guilt almost every day. He also have problems concentration while in class. Recurring nightmares so he is afraid to go to sleep, and that leads to thoughts of death and suicide. Conrad attempted suicide once.
Nutrition: Conrad has a poor eating habit lately.
Home safety: Parent’s argue more lately, mother wants to control Calvin and prevent him from discussing any issues with friends, deter his grieving
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He has experience a level of impairment for more than two weeks. Conrad shows signs of PTSD, which includes the re-experiencing the traumatic event, of the accident and sustained a high level of anxiety, with recurrent nightmares about his brother’s death.

Intellectual functioning, Conrad is having problem staying focus in class he have fail one of his class so far. Because of debt of his loss his behavior is appropriate he displaying all the stages of grief include denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and finally acceptance. Conrad is orientation to people, time and place. His memories are intact good and bad. Conrad is working through his depression and some day will reach acceptance.

Psychological and emotional patterns

Conrad experienced a tremendous amount of psychological pain because of the loss he felt, he had no one to talk to about the death of his brother and best friend in the boating accident which resulting in a suicide attempt. The relationships he had with his mother Beth and his swim team friends suffered dramatically because of all of the pain he held
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