Case Study: Clay Marzo

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Case Study
"Put him in the water and Clay Marzo is magic...but if you sit and list the things that Marzo has trouble doing, they quickly outrun the things he finds easy". Clay Marzo was fated for the life of fame and fortune-all he had to do was ride a wave or two and use his unique intuition. That preordain fate began to decay when Marzo was unable to get through competitions and his high tense behavior was brought to the forefront.

With two parents and an older brother with the same passion, you would guess surfing was in his genes. It was describe that when surfing, Marzo seem to fly in the water and his unique attribution to read the waves puts in him in the brackets of the Pro’s such as Kelly Slater. In a psychologist opinion, it
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It was likely that Marzo’s late diagnosis attribute to his parent’s disagreement on the path of finding what was likely wrong with their son. His father, the stricter of the two consider Clay 's withdrawn nature and other problems as him being ungrateful for talent. While his mother was always thought something was wrong and it was an argument exhausted in every sense of what to do. Marzo 's Mom took him to get tested and he received a diagnosis of ADHD and was prescribed medicine to ease his attention disorders. But, just like every mother intuition it kicks Jill’s did. Not only did she disagree with the diagnosis she was fighting the constant battle with her husband. It wasn’t until one of Marzo sponsors pushed for an evaluation of autism where they started walking down the right path to salvage his career. That path was Asperger’s Syndrome Disorder. Dr. Michael Linden diagnosis brought relief to Marzo mother but it did not mend the deterioration of the bond between both of his parents. After a series if psychological abuse and pushing Geno and Jill Marzo separated. His half-brother Cheyne, who Clay admired and was the one who help cater to Marzo beginnings in surfing sided with his father and said that he was using his disorder as a crunch. Ultimately his diagnosis but a better quality of life but the separation was subtle blow. It brought a sort of relief to finally know…show more content…
In comparison to those on the spectrum, Asperger’s is consider a mild or higher functioning version of Autism. Those who are consider in the bracket have normal IQ levels and is often described to have high intellect. More specifically, behavioral cues are social impairments, verbal/conversational and repetitive patterns of behavior (Woodbury-Smith, 2009). Social impairments include social isolation; flat facial expressions; inability to hold conversations; inability to notice social cues; inability to maintain eye contact; lacking the initiation is pursing of new relations; and no capacity of empathy for others. Social impairments is very common among the Autism Spectrum Disorder. Verbal abnormalities include repetition sentences; having trouble expressing their views, decaying of existing abilities; possibility of delayed skills; inability to understand jokes; may have different rhythm of voice when speaking. Repetitive behaviors included a strong need for routine and fixation with interests and inappropriate gazing at others. To reiterate it is very common to another mental disorder with AS. Fixated behaviors with intense compulsion are responsible For Obsessive- Compulsive Disorder. While the preference for isolation and no friends may to lead to Depression and Anxiety. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder are responsible to the inconsistences in
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