Case Study: Ballet And The Mind

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Ballet and the Mind

In dance I often struggle with being brave and committing to the movement. I got to thinking about what if instead of getting down on myself I could use dance to better my mind. Being clear of mind and relieving my stresses is something that I have always used singing for, but if I can take dance,something that actually stresses me out,dance, and make it a stress reliever. I can help myself and hopefully others as well. In researching this topic I found that there have been a few studies that have explored dance and mental health. Mental health is a subject I have always been interested in and so these articles were an easy read. It was relatively challenging to find articles that are both knowledgeable and reliable
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Choreographer Ludovic Ondiviela said; “I started looking into the story of Cassandra because today someone who is diagnosed with psychosis is still said to have ‘the Cassandra syndrome’,” (Duchen, Jessica,2014) Psychosis is much like schizophrenia. This is a mental health issue that I feel is often taken way too far. It is assumed that those with this condition are out of their minds, but there are many levels of schizophrenia and the patients will never recover, but people have this all of the time and others may never be aware of their suffering. Dance can show what we are feeling without words and I hope to someday have the pleasure of seeing a production like this one that will show mental illness is a form without words to define…show more content…
According to the Children’s Development Institute, ballet can teach a child to be able to be in front of people and to be confident in themselves. On top of this it can help children learn to follow directions, work well with others, and have a sense of self-discipline.("The Benefits of Classical Ballet, 2015). This website does not support any medical facts. Childhood is where our minds are molded. Of course, there are always genetic mental illnesses, but who we are as a person often stems from how we were raised. Ballet can help our minds with so much. We learn and grow from its beauty and its discipline. I have only been dancing in a class since last fall and I already have learned so much. Ballet is not only the foundation for all dance forms, it is a foundation for confidence and self-awareness as
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