Case Study Autocratic Approach

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Why do you think the autocratic approach worked so effectively for four years in this situation?

I think the autocratic approach worked for four years because it just took that long for the effects of the rigid management to work its way down to the supervisors and employees. In regards to the production level of the mill being low when the new plant manager arrived this probably put employees on the spot of fear of losing their jobs. This therefore increasing production. With the new management, style put in place with strict rules this changed the authority from being lax to tight allowing at first people to come together and get on the same page. In time, the authority and responsibilities was taken away from supervisors so employees are
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First of the biggest problems is the fact that there is no trust from the mill manager. Trust is necessary in anything you do in business. The issue with not having trust is that it does not allow the opportunity to delegate tasks and levels of management are bypassed.

This said there are so many levels of management. According to the organizational chart, there are seven levels of managers or supervisors above the employees. With there being so many levels the issue here is, all levels seem to have a different set of expectations for each other that communication is a mess. In this case, there is too many levels of management.

Another problem is that employees do not accept the supervisors’ job in return not accepting their authority. The issue with this is that supervisors’ having little authority is useless because even the higher supervisors do not support it.

Therefore, in the end I feel that trust, communication and too many levels of management are the biggest problems leading to no acceptance of authority and lower production.

Develop a set of recommendations that you or your consulting team will present to the mill manager. Include suggestions regarding his leadership
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Doing this would also would allow the authority to be widespread doing away with the dictator style that middle managers felt existed.

Next, it is clear that communication is a big problem as foremen do not feel like upper management is hearing them likewise top management does not feel like the foremen understand them. With this being the case, they need to hold a meeting for all employees and managers. During the meeting, they need to be specific with the expectations of all employees managers included. The holding another meeting individually with each manager to set production goals.

Lastly, I would defiantly recommend taking some team building exercises with all of the managers to improve the trust issues at hand that the mill manager has with his management. When they are able to build trust and gain some authority in reasonable quantity this should eliminate a lot of the low morale and encourage empowerment by motivation with managers and employees alike, thereby increasing production that is lacking in this
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