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Bijay P Shrestha EE 4302 Dr. Robert Magnusson 20 September 2012 Apple A company whose birth was at the cluttered garage of one of the two founders now has become one of the historically successful companies with more than 360 stores around the world, 60,000 plus employees, and market capitalization of more than $619 billion, more than world’s second biggest oil company: Exxon Mobil, in last thirty years (Worstall, Tim). The small initiative startup company at the Silicon Valley who has kissed this level of success is taken by surprise. This successful and innovative company is none other than ‘Apple’ that has won the heart of many and like by millions worldwide. The level of success of this company is no surprise if you are a user of one of the Apple’s product. It began with co-founder Late Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak whose craftsmanship was beyond ordinary and willingness to do what they wanted to do a level high than everybody else. The two Steves started with fifty hobby computers of their own design-pre-assembled computer circuit boards with no keyboard, case, sound, or graphics for a local store called the Byte Shop (‘Apple Computer’). With the money from the sale, two Steves improved their computer with better graphics, processor, and keyboard. The two built a machine that can take instruction or an idea, process them, and display the result that involved a rigorous hardware and software work. Two hundred hand made Apple I computers were produced and the computer quickly dragged the attention of people. The founders saw the potential growth chances of their innovative work. During the marketing of Apple I, Steve Jobs carried clever tagline saying, “Bytes into an Apple” (‘Timeline’). Jobs and Wozniak found Mike Markkula, an ... ... middle of paper ... ...lara Valley Historical Association. 20 September 2012. ‘Timeline: Apple greates success and failure’. 20 September 2012 Rao, Arun. Maginians. ‘A history of Silicon Valley’. 20 September 2012. Colby, Nelson, Apple Inc. Strategic Management Presentation. 18 May 2010. ‘Apple Inc.’. 20 September 2012. Kelly, Heather. ‘5 ways the iphone changed our lives’. 20 September 2012. McCarthy, Caroline. ‘Remembering the 1984’. 23 January 2009. 20 September 2012.

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