Case Study: Analysis of Australia's Education Sector

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Executive Summary

This is a case study analysis report highlighting the management of workforce planning in the education sector of Australia. Although the education sector in Australia has experienced enormous prosperity some universities are experiencing management problems in terms of developing a well furnished human resource strategic planning. The revenue generated however from the education sector comes from student enrolment from international countries. The market and the growth of higher education flourishing due to international students has dropped considerably since the beginning of 2010 (Halachmi 2005). The Human Resource division has a commitment towards excelling in actions through attraction, retaining and development of talented community for talent and diverse people in supporting the agenda of excellence in Universities (Solnet et al 2008).

A wide range of human resource management functions are tied to succession planning which are inclusive of Recruiting employee functions and skill development along with abilities engagement inclusive of Performance management, training programs and mentoring programs. This program will help the employees exceed in the position currently and prepare them for any advancement in future along with retention increase and ensuring the return on investment of institution. The staff of human resource management has availability for assisting the department along with succeeding in the process of planning (Szamosi et al 2011).


The connection of the downfall in the educational sector has been research to be due to the increasing value of Australian Dollar, factors associated with macro levels such as visa issues an increasing international student competition. The...

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