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Hello my name is Carl Robbins I am the current campus recruiter for ABC, Inc. Working at ABC, Inc. has been a blast for the last 6 or 7 months, and I would not have given up the last few months for nothing in this world, life is great. We all know nothing last forever and the utopia at ABC, Inc. was about to come to an end. A few weeks later give or take around Memorial Day did the stress factor go through the roof. I was blindsided by a Mike Tyson uppercut or an Ali jab.

My boss Monica Carrolls, the Operations Supervisor for ABC, Inc. a few weeks earlier asked me to set up a few interviews and hire the 15 of best applicants for a new department which would report directly to her. I interviewed close to 100 applicants; each applicant was given a 100 question multiple choice test and a rigorous Q & A session by me for approximately 30 minutes each session just to see how well they the applicant would deal under pressure.

A few weeks went by and I made my decision and hired the 15 applicants who I felt where best suited for the job opening, so I hired those applicants and let them know the job would start June 15th. I was elated each applicant I choice accepted the job offer as long as they met a few more qualifications. The applicants would have to pass a series of physicals and a drug test to start orientation on the 15th of June. All applicants where excited and they accepted the offer. I set up files for the new applicants and turned the files over to ABC, Inc. human resource department. The Human resource department job was to assist me with setting up a training schedule, orientation, manuals, policy booklets and other issues that I may come across.

I was elated and I assured Monica all was and will be taken care of because I thought I could trust the human resource department to handle all of the back end work in finalizing the new hire files. A few days went by and I think I may have tooted my horn a little too early. I decide one day to go into our company’s internal intranet and look into the files. The intranet is my company’s internal internet service.

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