Case Review: Deepak Pental's Jail Sentence

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OPENING: Plagiarism is the "wrongful allocation" and "taking and distribution" of another creator's " considerations, thoughts, or expressions". According to university specialist plagiarism means 1. Submission of someone’s work as their own. 2. Taking passages from their own previous work and refuse to cite. 3. Re-writing someone’s work without properly citing sources. 4. Using quotations without citation 5. Writing false bibliography. EMOTION STORY: Deepak Pental’s Jail Sentence In November, a city court in Delhi India quickly sent previous Delhi University bad habit chancellor Deepak Pental to imprison over claims that he was included in the counterfeiting of another educator's work. The case really has roots going the distance back to 1995, when P. Pardha Saradhi started his work on hereditarily altering Indian Mustard. In 2000, a PhD…show more content…
One is that students may feel ashamed to fail, especially in terms of family expectations. It should be noted that it is more “honorable” to receive a low grade than to be caught cheating or plagiarizing. Other students may feel their writing or research skills are so weak, that they can only pass the course if they buy a paper written by someone else. Clear guidelines may help students put their skills in perspective Finally students may claim that they are unable to state the content of a source as well as the original. In that scenario, instructors may wish to explain that being able to rephrase a concept is important for the assignment as well as for learning overall. Students who work outside school (some up to 20 hours per week) or have heavy class loads may decide there is not enough time to do the assignment properly. Guidance on organization and the assignment may show students how to better plan their time. Students should also be reminded that the assignments are providing skills and knowledge that may be needed in their future careers. Conclusion on

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