Case Management in Hypertension

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Case Management with Hypertension
Hypertension, known as high blood pressure, affects millions of people, including children, teenagers, and adults. Treatment of hypertension comes in many forms, which includes complete lifestyle and diet modifications (Hypertension: Overview & Facts, n.d.). High blood pressure can damage the heart, brain, and kidneys, without any noticeable symptoms. The effectiveness of case management can control hypertension and prevent the risks for further complications. The case managers can work with patients who have difficulties managing their blood pressure, through the use of medications, as well as self-care management, which includes the modification of lifestyle, and diet, as well as adequate exercise. Research as well as substantial evidence has shown that, individuals can reduce their risk for cardiovascular disease by lowering their blood pressure through lifestyle modifications, medications, or both.
A formal case management program is essential to those who suffer from hypertension, since they can provide help in many different ways. Since there can be a lot of difficulty in achieving and maintaining an ideal lifestyle to control hypertension, a systematic team approach with the help of health care professionals will provide the patient with adequate care, support, and follow-up. A study was done to test the effects of nurse case management compared with usual care in controlling cardiovascular risks in patients who suffer from diabetes. The results showed that when a nurse case manager is involved in the care of patients with diabetes, there is a vast improvement in reaching the target values for glycemia, lipids, and blood pressure, as compared to those who were treated with standard car...

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