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This assignment will look at case management, the potential role of nurses/therapists involved in case management and to critically analyse some strengths and limitations of this important component of care for people with chronic mental illness living in the community. According to Case Management Society of America (2010), case management is a collaborative development that involves assessment, planning, coordination of care to meet the needs of patients with a particular focus, evaluation and advocacy for options and services through communication and available resources promoting quality cost effective outcomes. It is often carried out in the care for individuals who have serious mental illnesses and need ongoing support in areas, such as medical, housing, employment, social relationships and community participation (New York State Commission 2008). Community service models are considered to fit onto a continuum of case management in order to bring resources around a person, meeting their specific needs (Vanderplasschen et. al 2007). The leading goals of community care are to assist people towards an independent living, to adopt functional skills such as to manage their medication regime and to establish social competencies (Karlik and Loon 2011). A healthcare workers’ job scope in a community extends beyond their immediate working environment (Farmakas et. al 2013). Social workers, therapist and mental health nurses who have completed professional training in community mental health services are often referred to as case managers (Department of Human Services Victoria 2001). A general definition for case managers, usually nurses, working in a community is to practice with knowledge of the community, obtainable health ... ... middle of paper ... ..._carer.pdf Vroomen J M, Mierlo L D V, Ven P M, Bosmans J E, Dungen P, Meiland F J M, Droes R M, Charante E P M, Horst H E, Rooli S E, Hout H P J 2012, ‘Comparing Dutch Case management care models for people with dementia and their caregivers: The designs of the COMPAS study’ BMC Health Services Research, Vol. 12, No. 132, pp 2-10 Shankar & Muthuswamy 2007 Foster 2010-2011 AGCAS 2012, ‘Mental health Nurse’, Graduate Prospects Ltd, Haynes R B, Ackloo E, Sahota N, McDonald H P, Yao K 2008, ‘Interventions for enhancing medication adherence (Review)’, The Cochrane Collaboration, No. 2, pp 1-22,;jsessionid=40E4089BDE2E8FD7AD6E3FFC67F75561.f03t01?v=1&t=htbobqvt&s=b3b4cc75ea77e682591f16826199945dcd68fede

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