Case Files for Two Students

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Introduction: In relationship to the Simple View of Reading Model (SVR), both case study students, Dustin and David, fall along the "C" and "D" portion of the continuum. Nevertheless, although both students' respective profiles classify them along the "C" and "D" presentation of the spectrum their profiles differ in that David additionally struggles with word decoding and therefore their individual educational needs will vary, but both students will require one-on-one instruction. Dustin's profile fits closely with the "C" presentation, "poor comprehension," while David's profile and assessment information suggests that he is closer to the "D" presentation, "garden variety."
Dustin-Educational Supports: According to Dustin's profile, on one hand both his oral language and reading comprehension, of higher-level material, is low. On the other hand however, his spelling and word decoding is average. This gap between areas of difficulty suggests that he experiences a working memory deficit. Therefore, in the process of bringing Dustin's comprehension skills back up to grade level his instructor should be mindful of his working memory deficit. Louisa Moats acknowledges that overcoming disinterest when teaching older students to read is paramount (2001, p.37); accordingly then, providing Dustin with literature that he will find interesting, such as articles on computers and/or computer games, is fundamental to the process of improving his comprehension. Accommodating reading content for Dustin by insuring that it is interesting, particularly in the initial stages will provide him with the necessary scaffolding to develop comprehension. Comprehension is only possible when a student possesses, what Hirsch refers to as domain knowledge (2...

... middle of paper ... new skills (2012, Tomlinson & Hutchinson, p.48) as well as assessment of his progresses. Assessment can be as simply as, "immediate, corrective feedback, [which will] develop automatic word recognition skills" (2012, International Dyslexia Association). Moreover, David's vocabulary deficit, comprehension, and low average language skills will evolve along with his acquisition of reading skills. Still, to ensure that David is mastering vocabulary, his instructor should have him keep a vocabulary journal. A vocabulary journal will give him the opportunity to create a personalized reference for unfamiliar words. Likewise, a concept maps may be a pragmatic way to introduce new and perhaps higher-level words. Concept maps provide a visual outline of meaningful relationships, which define new words in a relevant way that is specific to the student.
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