Case Analysis: Strengthening Competitive Strategy

Strengthening Competitive Position
As part of a generic strategy, companies develop a competitive strategy and complement it with a strategic move to strengthen its competitive position. The strategic options are strategic alliances, collaborative partnership, mergers and acquisition, horizontal and vertical integration, initiate an offensive strategic move, employ defensive strategic move, the internet website strategy, and outsourcing (SNHU, 2016).
Complementary Strategic Moves
Target Corporation has developed many strategies to enhance its long-term growth prospects, particularly digital capabilities with a significant investment in technology and supply chain and repositioning healthier, fresher grocery that young and other shopper prefer (Target Roadmap, 2015). Target Corporation leverages opportunities such as a promotion of a brand name, promotion of store credit card discount appreciating customer loyalty and positions the store
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Target 's defensive strategy is to leverage the strength in the technology and the physical store to its advantage, pre-empt its rival in the order online, and store pickup a business model. Target 's competitors in the online space are Amazon and Walmart with Amazon dominating the industry. Target 's defensive strategy to counter Amazon is, to abandon the minimum $25 purchase for free shipping qualification to boost traffic to its online portal.
According to Schafer (2013), Target Corporation desire is not to be like Amazon, but improves Target Brand and be a better version of Target with an incremental product and services. Target Corporation acquired Chefs Catalog and to counter any threat from other rival online retailers and the acquisition came with a new product brand that is popular and allows Target Corporation to cross promote between Target and the new entity strengthening its

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