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INTRODUCTION: I never had a real time experience working in any organization, but had gained enough knowledge to explain about this organization. Stat-oil is an international energy company which produces oil and gas. This is a retail industry which supplies oil and gas to various continents. The Headquarters is located in Norway (Stavanger) and is one of the leading companies in most of the European countries, Asian countries and USA. The company has faced many obstacles as Norway is one of the hardest and has the most unwelcoming climates on the planet.
They started the project under deep-water in order to have a low-carbon future. They always kept a clear vision for shaping the future of energy and had an ambition to be the most carbon-efficient oil and gas producer. There are three main modules that the organization has always followed in the key to success; to set an example on how the companies should transform, to be the leading provider of energy and competitiveness. Stat-oil has the worlds’ first operational floating deep water wind turbine with large capacity called the Hywind and was also approved for the Scotland pilot project.
1. Bestow to reliable, safe and efficient operations to fulfil internal and external requirements.
2. Support professional performance through high standard decision making, continuous
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The Open IT acts as an enterprise run in the Stat-oil IT environs. I always wanted to play a role of the Controller and Accounting Manager in the organization as this is one of the finest position in the organization. As a manager I had to make sure that all the activities in the business unit are going correctly as assigned. My role is to: Support and test the business decisions in the company, establish the financial model framework and report the financial assertion, ensure quality control, follow-up in the controllers

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