Case Analysis Of Pepsi And Coca-Cola

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The underlying logic of the non-carbonated drinks strategy was to introduce a new brand of drinks into a market that had become more health conscious. As previously mentioned, carbonated drinks or the conventional soft drinks have been increasingly associated and criticized for increase in obesity cases across the globe. Therefore, the introduction of non-carbonated drinks is vital towards addressing the health and nutrition concerns of consumers who continue to search for alternative beverages. The non-carbonated drinks strategy would therefore act as a means for the company to assure its customers that it is sensitive to the emerging health issues and concerns throughout the world. In essence, the underlying logic of Coca-Cola’s non-carbonated…show more content…
One of the similarities in the performance between Pepsi and Coca-Cola is obtaining significant competitive advantage and market share in the beverage industry across the world. Actually, by the end of the 20th Century, Pepsi and Coca-Cola were regarded as the two largest beverage firms throughout the world (“Coke versus Pepsi”, 1998). Secondly, Pepsi and Coca-Cola have been forced to transform their business strategies and operations in order to respond to the ever changing needs, tastes, and preferences of consumers. The beverages market has been characterized by increased shift towards healthy products since carbonated drinks have generated significant health issues and concerns in the recent past. Pepsi and Coca-Cola have developed new strategies and approaches to their business operations in order to respond to these needs. Third, Pepsi and Coca-Cola’s performance have been affected by market factors, particularly the shift to alternative beverages that are more healthy and nutritious. In addition to contributing to transformation of business strategies and operations, the changing consumers’ tastes and preferences have had considerable impacts on the firm’s operations and performance in the market. These impacts have been widely experienced in the entire beverages industry, especially by the largest market players i.e. Pepsi and

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