Case Analysis Of Monsanto

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Monsanto is one of the world’s top, producers of what is known as a characteristically, modified products, with a big portion of their products being harvest crop seed. Due to their assortment of business, this corporation has succumbed to a lot of bad karma in the past, as far as their moral responsibility. Their marked track record has led them to the position of being harsh, as well as, critically scrutinized, on the topic of their inclusive public and stakeholder interest, which unfortunately reflects once again on their lack of ethical practices and the apparent benefits to the human population. Their focus and course as a company has been evaluated based on their current and momentous examples, as well as the overall systematic findings…show more content…
The Monsanto’s Company was originally started back in 1901, which was over 113 years ago and was founded by John F. Queen. The company was originally the primary producer of Saccharin. The Monsanto corporation of today is based on agricultural and in supporting farmers to the best of their ability with their mission to produce more while they are also conserving more. During the past decade, Monsanto reinvented itself from an Agrochemical company to seed and biotech company. By doing this, the Monsanto’s Company was able to lower some of the opposition into becoming stakeholders. On ethical issues such as bribery, however, the company did plead guilty to and paid the fines to the Stock Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Department of Justice. (Kearns, 2003, p.…show more content…
Genetically modified crops have many potential advantages regarding the raising of agricultural productivity and reducing the need for pesticides that are known to be bad for the environment. GM (genetically modified) foods are already a large part of the Americans life; however, does the benefit of biotech outweigh the risks? (Cost and Benefits, 2014, pp. 155-170)
Clearly, there are pros and cons that can apply to the different countries as deciding factors in the decision of using genetically modified seed or growing genetically foods. In the United States, the issue of safety in such a new under-studied science. The risk to Americans also appears to be too great and as a result the use of genetically modified foods would be more beneficial and more socially acceptable. With the genetically modified crops, they have taken national and international spotlight. Crops that have been classified as genetically modified crops may be the last hope for the hungry and starving people in our third world companies as well as in our country. Based on a cross sectional exam from 1998 of crop practices, genetically modified crops have provided a variety of farms with no significant difference in returns. Genetically modified and the problems that are surrounding them will more than likely continue for
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