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The reality theory- based assessment is the model of choice to use when dealing with the client. The client is unhappy because of her many unhealthy relationships. She has no one that she can truly say is there for her, in her eyes. Her trust issues and abandonment issues stem from the breaking up of her real family and her dismissal from her surrogate family. The client also does not get along with the girls at her gym. The client also has a distant relationship with her mother; she tends to lash out at her mother when she feels that her mother is trying to get to close. She pushes her mother away constantly as if she is afraid of forming a relationship with her mother. The client also idealize her father though he is absent from her life, this could be because it is easier to have an imaginary relationship then to acknowledge that her father has been absent for some time.
When it comes to reality based assessment and using it with the client there are several areas of significant that need to be touched on. One is to educate the client about the choice theory so the client can identify unmet needs and try to satisfy them. For the client her unmet need is having a father figure in her life. She thought that she had found that in her coach but the client realize that was a toxic relationship. The client has the need of having a good relationship with herself. She will be educated on how her choices influence her and her happiness. The next step would be to have the client clarify ways to satisfy personal wants, after that has been clarified the client can then prioritize wants and uncover what is most important. The client’s main want is to return to the gym so she can continue training, she wants her father to be a part of her...

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...e good relationships. The reality theory based concept notes the underlying problem for is they are involved in a present unsatisfying relationship and they are unhappy because of it. This is the client; she has no satisfying relationships, which is why the plan is to make her relationships better.
While doing the assessment feeling of understanding for the client emerged. Her feelings of wanting to get rid of her “weak” self, was something the counselor could relate. The counselor however had to remember that she had to be professional, and even though she could relate she could not let herself project her feeling about the situation become a part of the session. The counselor had to ensure that she kept her personal feelings out of the conversations that where had with the client. The counselor had to remain professional and let the client express her feelings.