Case 14 A One-Trick Principal Summary

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EDL 701 Case 14: A One-Trick Principal 2. Assistant Principal Howard implies that gender is an issue in relation to the way she is being treated. Do you agree with her? Provide a rationale for your response. I do not agree that gender is the issue in how she was treated. I think that she was named associate principal because of her ability to lead. Mr. Varber considered her to be a valuable asset on his administrative team because of her experience. He also relied on her to manage the school in his absence. She did this effectively. According to the case study it appeared that Mayor Shea and Superintendent French were aware of Mrs. Howard’s managerial and leadership skills, which helped their decision to appoint her as associate principal. This decision would…show more content…
Identify communication problems that have contributed to the conflict between Principal Varber and Associate Principal Howard. I found several communication issues between Principal Varber and Associate Principal Howard. First, Principal Varber spent a substantial amount of time away from campus. Although, in the beginning it was clear that the reason for his employment was to improve the relationship between the community and the school. Secondly, his failure to acknowledge his staff for their outstanding job performance when he receives community recognition about the school. It seems like he only wanted recognition for himself and not when others did well. Associate Principal Howard brought to his attention that he did not recognize his staff for their contributions for him receiving the outstanding educator award from the Chamber of Commerce. Lastly, his relationship with the administration team and staff could have been better. Mrs. Howard informed Principal Varber that the staff considered him as a “phantom” principal because of his absence. She also pointed out that he never took the opportunity to have a “real” conversation with his staff, which hindered relationships and growth of the
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