Carvaggio adn the Renaissance Period

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This paper argues whether or not Caravaggio was a true renaissance artist, giving details on his life, artwork, and an analysis on the renaissance time period. I believe that Caravaggio was a true renaissance artist. He used the same techniques as other renaissance artist. He also painted realism and humanistic into his paintings.
Caravaggio was born September 29, 1571 in Milan, Italy.(Caravaggio The Complete Work) By the age 11 Caravaggio was consider an orphan. The bubonic plague came through his life killing almost everyone in his family.( The bubonic plague is a disease that makes your skin to turn black where it was only red at first . The plague causes fever and painful swelling of lymph glands. Later in his life, he trained as a painter in Milan under Simone Peterzano.(Caravaggio The Complete Works) Caravaggio left Milan for Rome in 1592, he was now 21 years old. When he finally arrived in Rome he was short on money and needy. A few months later, he was performing for highly successful Giuseppe Cesari, in his factory like workshop. He left Cesari in the early months of 1594 , and wanted to make his own way .( Caravaggio was a fast worker. He carried a sword around, going to one ball court to the next, ready to engage in fight or argument. The sword was illegal. He was repeatedly arrested for the sword and along with other various things. (The National Gallery) In 1595, a man named Francesco del Monte recognized his talent and brought him into his home. Through Francesco’s acquaintances , he was gave his first public commissions which were so great that he became famous almost overnight. In 1599, Caravaggio signed a contract to decorate the Contarelli Chapel in the Church of San Luigi dei Francesi.

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