Cartoons: The Last Airbender: Different Types Of Cartoons

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Cartoons are a huge part of today’s society and range from many different types of audiences. Most cartoons are aimed for a younger audience such as children or young pre-teens, however, there are cartoons that are specifically made for older audiences such a teens, young adults and adults. When it comes to cartoons, there are many different types that a person can choose to watch as well. From the array of cartoon genres or styles, a person can easily figure out what suits them. Cartoons usually stick to a certain line of what they want to aim at, such as if they want to follow a horrific story or if they just want to strictly be entertaining by giving off humorous jokes. After years of watching cartoons, there are three that have really…show more content…
This cartoon usually starts out very sweet and innocent and usually consists of light hearted jokes or moments to make the viewer feel happy while watching it. As it progresses, the cartoon will either take a quick turn or a slow turn into the most heartbreaking moment that not only tugs at a person’s heart but pulls and smashes it down on the ground, crushing the heart under its feet. A fantastic example to mention is “Avatar: the Last Airbender”. Even though this show aimed for pre-teens, it still did not let up on the most heart wrenching moments known to all fans everywhere. From the main character, Aang the avatar, finding out he is the last of his kind after being frozen for one hundred years to the villain’s son, Zuko, fighting with his internal struggle to betray his father and fight for good or to destroy the avatar and have his father take over the entire world, this show had one major blow right after the other when it decided it was time to break the fans hearts and minds into little pieces. This show had very light hearted moments and funny episodes to include in between blows, but when it delivered those bad moments either about death, betrayal, or destruction, it ran over viewers like a train at full

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