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Carson McCullers

Walter Allen said of Carson McCullers; ``Faulkner apart, the most remarkable novelist the South has produced seems to me Carson McCullers" (Allen 208). Her work is marked with the feeling of loneliness coming from her lonely childhood (spiritual isolation is the basis of most of her themes) and the music she always wanted to study. She wrote novels, short stories and dramas. In all she received the recognition of both the public, her fellows writers, and critics.

Carson McCullers is a talented Southern American writer who touched others with her ability to describe human complexity with a touch of poesy.

Carson is a precocious writer considered to be full of talent. She started to write at the age of 17 and published her first novel; The Heart is a Lonely Hunter at 22. She is immediately remarked by the ``maturity" of her writing. Even if she is very young Rosa Feld called her "a full-fledged novelist" (Feld 2373) and William P. Clancy said that she is ``a young American talent of the first order" (Clancy 2376). ``For a twenty-two-year-old girl to probe at such length the passionate idealism of half-dozen adult characters was an astonishing act of imaginative sympathy" (Graver 586).

She is appreciated for a ``great sensitivity" in describing the feelings of loneliness in both adults and teenagers (Hart 506). In her novel The Ballad of the Sad Café she successfully used the darkness ``to the service of a compelling and powerful literal truth" (Grave 210). She have a strong perception (feeling) of humanity in all its fears and its loneliness. She had a great understanding of people (Feld 2373).

She also had a remarkable imagination; ``She s...

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