Cars: The Advantages Of Hybrid Cars

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There are a lot of advantages having a hybrid car as your everyday car. For example, a driver can learn to drive more efficiently with a hybrid car. The hybrid car shows the present mileage as well as the average miles per gallon. The car displays on a meter how much energy that is needed to recoup the brakes. The Toyota Prius is one of the hybrid cars that displays for the driver, all of this information. Cars usually have to accelerate and gently break to get better mileage, but a hybrid car only has to accelerate enough so the electric engine is used to get better mileage. The hybrid car gives the benefit of having a car running on a gasoline engine with an electric motor which is used for acceleration. This special electric motor can recharge by using the kinetic energy that is generated during braking. The gasoline engine in a hybrid car is very fuel efficient. When a hybrid car stops at a red light, the engine will automatically turn off and restart once the car is put into a gear. Another advantage of having a hybrid car is the low maintenance costs. A hybrid car does not cost a lot to maintain. The hybrid manufacturers include a 100,000 mile or 150,000 mile warranty so the driver can feel comfortable with their choice of car. It is proven that owners of hybrid cars do not need to worry about replacing the battery system that is in the hybrid. The battery system has a huge competence and is composed of nickel-metal-hydride. One of the bigger advantages of hybrid cars is the low emissions. The emissions which are carbon-based are the number one cause of global warming. A hybrid car can emit 25 to 90 percent less emission than a gasoline engine car. Hybrids create low levels of gas fumes from the exhaustion... ... middle of paper ... of the electric system in the car. A lot of car buyers cannot afford the extra $5,000 to 10,000 to buy a car that may or may not save you money with better fuel efficiency. Most people today cannot save enough money to purchase a hybrid car. Also, it costs more to maintain a hybrid car. Even though most manufacturers offer 100,000 to 150,000 warranties to the buyers, the warranties might not cover the whole maintenance cost. The duel compulsion system in the hybrids cost more to repair because they are used more in the hybrids than in the gasoline engine cars. You would also need to replace tires more frequently because of the increased weight of the hybrid cars. Plus, most mechanics do not know how to fix a hybrid car because they are not trained. Based on these disadvantages, the owner of the car may lose a lot of money just to help out the environment.
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