Carol Gilligan's Theory Of Genders Moral Development

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Jenna Clifford is sixteen-years-old living in Nashville, Tennessee. Her best friend, sixteen-year-old Calvin Bass has been suffering from depression and anxiety due to his body image. Calvin has refused to seek for help and attend therapy sessions. Jenna has noticed that Calvin’s mother, Mrs. Bass, a single mother has taken the problems into her own hands, and has been given Calvin un-prescribed medicine (Marijuana) she believes would help him. This leaves Calvin with extreme side effects as it worsens his depression. Jenna has constantly tried to convince Calvin to stop taking the medicine, but it leads into a discussion and even fights among each other. The bond amongst Calvin and his mother has become closer than ever as Calvin see’s her as his support. Should Jenna go seek for help with specialist and let Mrs. Bass get caught…show more content…
Gilligan believed that men and women could not be compared when put in a same situation; therefore they had to be seen in different perspectives. Her theory was divided into three stages of moral development, the care for one, care for others, and accepting the care for self and others. Through Gilligan’s philosophy, Jenna should seek for help for the benefit of her friend. Although Mrs. Bass would suffer the consequences. Her interest of helping her friend and her friendship as well as fighting depression would benefit their state of mind. Gilligan would want the best for both Jenna and Calvin, therefore leading Jenna to help her friend fight this mental problem and have the satisfaction of doing what a true friend would do for the good. Mrs. Bass would have to suffer the consequences of her crime, putting Calvin in a rough state of mind, but Jenna’s friendship can fix the broken hole grown in Calvin. As long as Calvin and Jenna stick together both would be helping one another to confront their problems and have each other’s

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