Carlos Shwabe Symbolism

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Symbolism The artist I chose for symbolism is Carlos Schwabe. He was born in Germany July 21, 1866. He died January 22, 1926. Symbolism is a style of art using symbolic images. This type of art expresses mythical ideas, emotions, and the state of mind someone is in. The symbolist movement started in the late 19th century. Important roles of this movement were Mallarmé, Maeterlinck, Verlaine, Rimbaud, and Redon. Symbolism was being used by the younger generation of of artists because the younger generation of artists were rejecting the conventions of naturalism. The idea of symbolism is that the art should reflect emotion or an idea, not the natural world. Symbolism to the artists represented form and feeling, of reality. Artists wanted to …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Explains the symbolism movement started in the late 19th century.
  • Explains that carlos was influenced by dürer, hokusai, and the pre-raphaelites.
  • Compares carlos' work to other artists and explains the mythical nature of his paintings. the use of dark colors or dark and light colors makes them feel like they are telling a story.
  • Analyzes the four pieces of work by carlos schwabe: death day, the virgin of the lilies, the wave 1, and the grave digger's death.
  • Analyzes how the paintings are distinguishable from each other. death day is a woman that is standing underneath the weeping willow.
  • Analyzes how the woman in the virgin of the lilies is sitting amongst light blue lilies, and rays of light are shining down on her face, giving her what appears to be a halo
  • Analyzes how the lighting in the wave 1 makes you feel as if you have done something wrong, and she is trying to say that you were the person that did her wrong.
  • Opines that carlos is a talented artist who portrays love, fear, anguish, death, and sexual awakening in his paintings.

Death Day is a woman that is standing underneath a weeping willow. In the woman’s hands she is holding a flower. While standing underneath the tree she is looking down at a gravestone. By her feet there are two wreaths. There are also some blue flowers. The woman is wearing a black dress with a black veil. At the bottom of the woman’s dress there are white symbols. The white symbols on her dress look like crosses, hearts, some type of tree leaves separating the hearts, and some type of smoke separating the crosses and hearts. In this painting the brushstrokes were very fine. You cannot see the brush strokes at all. In The Virgin of The Lilies there is a woman sitting amongst light blue lilies. The woman is wearing a blue dress. She is sitting in the middle of all the flowers. While she is sitting amongst the lilies, rays of light are shining down on her face, also giving her what seems to be a halo made out of light. The woman in the painting looks very innocent. She is also looking up at the sky which makes you think that she is looking up because she is looking up to God. Which is most likely the reason for the light shining down on her. In this painting also the brushstrokes are very fine. You also cannot see the

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