Carl Cooke Case Study

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Three Leadership Weaknesses
I have identified three leadership weaknesses of Carl Cooke: competence, listening, and visibility. These weaknesses can lead to poor team cohesiveness and trust, and overall this typically hurts the organization as a whole.
The first weakness, competence, is described as a servant leadership attribute which helps to build trust. (Russell & Stone, 2002) The trust between a leader and followers is partially formed from the followers having confidence in the leader’s abilities and judgement. (Greenleaf, 1970) Carl, unfortunately, suffers in this area. He would often stumble on common office-related tasks such as setting appointments in Outlook, generating reports for the business, and explaining the basic fundamentals
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Visibility is an important attribute in the servant leadership theory, because a leader’s visibility will help to influence his followers. Yukl and Tracey also contend (1992) that the “obvious way to exercise referent power is through role modeling.” (p. 199) Carl, unfortunately, became significantly weaker in this area as the organization landscape continued to change. Quite often no one would see Carl for days at a time, or even weeks in some instances. The answer was usually “I’ve been in management meetings” or “I’ve been in financial meetings,” but somehow this information was never relayed to our team. The lack of information, in addition to rare interactions with employees, cracked the foundation of the team. Many wondered what he could possibly be doing, or if he was working at all. This weakness was one which crushed much of the leadership trust and cohesiveness of the…show more content…
This relates to the servant leadership theory, because the competence of the leader plays an important role in building trust between the leader and followers. (Russell & Stone, 2002) Being that our organization participates in S.M.A.R.T. goal setting, this would provide an excellent opportunity for setting a goal, such as “to attend and successfully pass 24 credit-hours of PLM & Office training within the calendar year.” With an increased knowledge in PLM and Office tools, I expect that the department would have more confidence in Carl’s abilities and competence. This would lead to better communication between the department and engineering, when discussing technical topics, and Carl would be able to confidently relay department information to upper

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