Caring And Self-Care In Nursing

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The practice of nursing expands further than fixing medical problems in a patient’s life. While healing plays a large role in nursing some might say caring makes a greater impact. The act of caring is unique to nursing where “caring comes before curing” (Potter 2017). In nursing showing patient’s care is essential to their well-being. It becomes obvious when there is a lack of care and that may hinder healing. Aspects of caring in the scope of the nursing practice include but are not limited to, caring actions, patient advocacy and self-care.
Caring actions are behaviors that nurses complete such as touching, providing presence, and active listening that prove an advanced investment in their patients. Physical touching encompasses skin-to-skin
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Emotional touch can only be achieved when trust and understanding is reached during nursing care. The concept where a nurse’s patient becomes more than just a task that needs to be done, but becomes a person that needs to be cared for. Providing presence is another caring action that encompasses emotional touch. Potter and Perry describe that how providing presence includes more than “physical presence, it includes communication and understanding. Nursing presence is the connectedness between the nurse and the patient.” (Potter 2017). When a nurse cares for a patient whether it is administering medication, bathing, or assessing there should be a notion that the time being spent doing these actions is important to the nurse. A sense of rushing could indicate that the task at hand is not important and that nonverbal communication could have an adverse effect on the patient’s mood, understanding, and attitude toward the intervention. The consequences of those adverse effects could include lack of communication between the nurse and patient. The patient may not inform their nurse that they feel pain or need lotion to feel more comfortable because they do not believe their nurse has the time to care. Active listening is the act of listening to hear a patient rather than to respond. It…show more content…
As caring nurses quality time is spent assessing, planning, implementing, and evaluating interventions to give patient’s the most functionality to their life. A nurse may not be able to intervene and give full range of motion in a patient’s broken leg, but that nurse can teach the patient how to use crutches to properly get to school. Listening to patients is the fundamental caring action that allows nurses to take their care a step further into advocacy. Creating a trusting relationship allows for deep understanding of how the patient wants to be cared for. The National Patient Safety Foundations defines a quality patient advocate to be “…someone you trust who is willing to act on your behalf…who can work well with other members of your health care team.” (NPSF) As a patient advocate there will be an intervention that the patient wants to better their life, whether that is starting treatment, modifying interventions, or ending treatment. A nurse’s job is to supply knowledge about patient’s individual case in order for them to make an educated choice. A caring nurse will give their patient’s all the information including any and all approaches to circumstances. If a topic is beyond the scope of nursing practice it is up to the nurse to find someone who can give their patient’s correct information and ensure that all questions were answered. A
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