Carelessness In The Great Gatsby

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In the novel “ The Great Gatsby” by F. Scott Fitzgerald, Nick describes Tom and Daisy as careless people which they are. Nick and Daisy are careless people because they can afford to be careless because of their money and use other people or do nothing at all for their own benefit. For example, When tom told Myrtle that he could not marry her because he was in a relationship with daisy and she was catholic and did not believe in divorce and told lies to myrtle to use her as a toy even though myrtle was also using Tom to get to a higher social class for her own benefit even Nick stated that when she was with Tom that she would act like from a higher class when she was with tom. Another example of Tom 's and Daisy 's carelessness is that daisy wanted Gatsby and had her fun with Gatsby for a while, but did not face the consequences when it was time to tell Tom the truth of Daisy and Gatsby and instead ran away. Another reason that tom and daisy are careless is that neither Tom or…show more content…
Tom is also careless because he was with Myrtle and told lies to her that he was going to marry her if Daisy was not a Catholic and believed in divorce, which meant that he could not marry Myrtle which was all a lie. Another reason Tom is careless because he did not care what other people thought about his relationship with Myrtle and everybody know about his relationship with myrtle. Nick said that Tom was a careless person who “retreats back to his money… and lets other people clean up mess had made (pg.179). Toms wealth and lifestyle blind him from the real world and what other people face like George
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