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When we were five, we were asked what we wanted to be when we grew up. The choices ranged from cowboy to princess. As we began to age, our choices started to mature as we thought about our lives. Now that we are in high school, we have to consider serious choices for our career. The two careers that have interested me are physical therapy and prosecuting law. These jobs are distinctively different in their salary, preparation, and working conditions.
When considering what career I wanted to pursue, one factor that lead me to these careers was the salary. The entry wage of a physical therapist is $30.49 an hour and can increase to $42.90 hourly (“Physical Therapist”). The entry wage of a prosecuting lawyer is $35.72 and the experienced wage in Pennsylvania is $81.90 (“Criminal Lawyer”). Although the salary of a physical therapist is much lower than that of a prosecuting lawyer, their exact salary depends on similar qualifications. The wage of a physical therapist can be based off of level of responsibility, employer and similar to the lawyer, experience. Both of these careers are profitable and large enough to live a substantial life.
The most severe difference between careers in law and physical therapy is the education and preparation needed to enter a job in these fields. To become a lawyer one must plan their career path out from the beginning of high school. High school students interested in law must consider courses in English, History, and Law and Government. Also, lawyers must apply to law school, but first it is required that they attend a four year college and earn a bachelors degree as well as take an aptitude test called the Law School Admission Test. Law school normally takes 3 years of full time study to complete...

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... that I have reached my freshman year in high school, it is time for me to make a decision about what career I’d like to have as an adult. I have narrowed down my choices to becoming a physical therapist and a prosecuting lawyer. Both of these careers differ in salary, preparation, and work environment. After carefully analyzing both of these career paths, I have decided that I would like to pursue a career in physical therapy, based on the less strenuous education and the ability to have a positive impact on others. Although this is the path that I believe best suits me now, after all, I’m only a freshman in high school.

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