Career Statement: Why I Want To Become A Nurse

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Having 12 years’ experience as a care assistant has given me the knowledge, determination and the ability to live my life long dream of becoming a nurse. The nursing role is one of the most challenging, tough yet rewarding role in the healthcare settings. A good nurse has good communication, shows dedication, works as part as team showing compassion and empathy when facing challenging situations.
At the age of 20, I began my first role as a care assistant in a busy London hospital. The role really pushed me to my limits, the job at hand was very demanding, I was under a lot of pressure. With that it allowed me to focus on the job in hand and gave me that confidence to bring out abilities I never thought I had. A few months working within this
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I achieved many skills within this job, I worked with patients who had Dementia and Alzheimer 's. This was a very challenging role, although it was testing it opened a new understanding within myself. Because of the nature of the job working as a team and good communication was a very fundamental part of my role we had to really come together as a team to give the patients the best level of care. Challenging situation came up on a daily basis, I was able to remain calm, show compassion and carry on with my duties.
My next job role was a different aspect of caring, I cared for patients in their own homes. I was given the opportunity to become a senior care assistant, this role enabled me to take on a more managerial role. Supporting my work associates and patients was my main role, this role opened up a new experience for me I was able organize a whole caring team and bring the team together so we could give patients the best care needed. Being a senior enabled me to experience team work and working as part of a team. Because the job is within the community, time keeping and organization skills was needed for this
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