Career Responsibilities Of A Nurse's Career

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With the rapid career advancement programs around, it is really a common question for a Nurse practitioner to ask himself or herself why it is necessary to get such certification. There are thousands of different job opportunities throughout the world. Most of these jobs have branches that give a person additional opportunities. Although nursing has not always been broad, nursing in the present day has many different positions that a person can fill and is a great example of how diverse this profession can be. Nursing is a basic in hospitals all over the world and is a job that our world has had needed for thousands of years. For every field of medicine, there is a different nursing field that corresponds with the medical field. A career in…show more content…
“Their interactions with patients have a strong emphasis on teaching and counseling for health maintenance” (Ferguson Career Education). Many of the actions that the patient decides to make all depend on how the nurse practitioner interacts with them and the mood they give off. The way the nurse practitioner expresses themselves around the patient has a huge impact on how the patient will deal with their sickness and realize how important and serious they need to actually care for themselves. If the nurse practitioner does not take their job seriously how they are trained to do, they will make the patient believe that they shouldn 't take their sickness serious either. “Responsibilities of a nurse practitioner depend on the work setting and area of specialization” (Mayo Clinic). There are many different specialties in the nursing, for example: Pediatrics, family, neonatal, and geriatrics. The work that you get to do all depends on whichever field you decide to follow. Being a nurse practitioner is not a simple job. There are many steps to becoming one, and just when you think you 're done there 's still a few more steps. Getting to do what you love and the feeling of getting to help others makes it all worth it. A nurse practitioner has many responsibilities, you just have to love what you 're doing and be willing to do whatever it takes to help
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