Career Planning Project

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I began this class not having a clear idea on what career I wanted to pursue for the rest of my life. I often asked myself “What job will I have when I grow up?”. Ever since I was a little girl, I thought I wanted to become a doctor. After taking biology, genetics, and biochemistry, I quickly realized that being biology major was not for me. I then changed my major to exercise science. I searched for the possible career choices for exercise science and became interested in Physical therapy and physician Assistant. I was still confused on my career choice, so I decided to enroll into a career development class. I wanted to know what careers might better suit me.
My father reminds me everyday that I will be graduating spring 2016. This makes me nervous and anxious. My family keeps asking me about my grades, internship opportunities, and post graduation plans. I see my friends getting internships at Tallahassee Memorial Hospital and other medical centers. Seeing my friends progressing with their careers only pushes me to figure out my career plans.
I want to find out more careers that I would enjoy. I plan to do research on the careers that I am interested in, talk to advisors, and use the career center resources to my advantage. I expect to leave this class having a clear idea on my career and set future goals to accomplish.
I have learned that I value having a family as much as having a secure job. I value having flexible hours, working in a friendly environment, being treated as an equal, and being able to grow within my company. Writing out my autobiography helped me remember past experiences with my education and family. The past experiences with my education and family has sculpted my current an...

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...eer at. In the next year I plan on holding a position at a therapy office and have clinic experience. Since I now know what I want occupation that I want to pursue it is easier on me to make and set goals. I plan on joining PT club so they can assist me with picking graduate school and networking.
Currently I am happy with my academic performance. My family and friends are supportive in my life and career decisions. I can only continue to grow and learn from my mistakes. I feel confident that I will accomplish my long and short-term goals and am satisfied with what I have accomplished.
I am happy with my major and occupation choice now I need to get experience and volunteer at a physical therapy office. It is challenging to find a internship but I will overcome that obstacle. I plan on networking, becoming consistent, and finding a internship within the next year.
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