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If your higher calling includes a career in nursing, one of the best jobs to consider is a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN). An LPN is on the front lines of health care, serving the public when they are most vulnerable. As direct care providers they must be detail oriented, knowledgeable and compassionate. Best of all, it's a profession whose job skills are in high demand both now and the foreseeable future.

Becoming an LPN
The path for an aspiring LPN is often through a local community college. Prospective students need a high school diploma or GED and should be able to pass a criminal background check (this is essential for licensure). Programs leading to an LPN are typically between one and two years and, depending on the program you choose, will culminate with a certificate, a diploma or an AA degree.

Course work will include practical nursing skills, including assessment, data collection and treatment plan implementation. Finally, an LPN must pass the NCLEX-PN, which is a licensing exam.

Find LPN jobs
One of the best thing about being an LPN is that not only are your job prospects very good, but you are entering a field that is expected to grow by more than 25% over the next ten years. However, your first job, without experience in the field, will still require a diligent search and some networking. The following are a list of sites designed to help you begin your search:

Health Career Web is a free service that focuses on health care job openings and has specialized search...

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The American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN) has a search engine for LPN and RN programs

National Association for Practical Nurse Education and Service (NAPNES) has a list of NLNAC accredited LPN schools

The American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN)
LPN to baccaleaurate programs US News and World Report Connects you to online programs Ranking LPN jobs by US News and World Report:

To locate financial assistance for your program, consult Finaid:

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that a licensed practical nurse (lpn) is one of the best jobs to consider if your higher calling includes nursing. they must be detail-oriented, knowledgeable, and compassionate.
  • Explains the path for an aspiring lpn is often through a local community college. prospective students need high school diplomas or geds and must pass the nclex-pn licensing exam.
  • Explains that being an lpn is a good job because it is expected to grow by more than 25% over the next ten years.
  • Explains that healthe careers network is a job board that partners with healthcare associations to list career opportunities for professionals.
  • Explains that lpns must maintain their license active and in good standing. some states require continuing education classes, while others require practical nursing hours.
  • Recommends attending an accredited lpn degree program, since credit hours from those programs are more likely to be accepted by a baccalaureate program.
  • Explains that the national federation of licensed professional nurses (nflpn) is the professional organization for licensed practical nurses, licensed vocational nurses and practical/vocational nursing students in the united states.
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