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Quantity surveying is the profession that combines formal qualification with training and experience that provides a general set of skills which are then applied to different types of problems within the construction industry. Quantity Surveyor’s work in professional quantity surveying practices, and in a number of other organisations, including local government bodies and agencies, contractors and specialist sub-contractors, developers, financial, legal and insurance companies. In the department of quantity surveying there are three different types of the quantity surveyors, namely professional quantity surveyors, contractor’s quantity surveyors and consultant quantity surveyors. Quantity surveyors are required to work on site and also in the office. A quantity surveyor will use their training and experience to do the quantity taking off for a specific building project, and determine the cost of that particular project. WHO IS A CONTDRACTOR’S QUANTITY SURVEYOR A contractor’s Quantity Surveyor is the head of the Quantity Surveyor’s department (every quantity surveyor reports to him); he is the one who is responsible for the performance of operations similar to those of the Professional Quantity Surveyor. A Contractor’s Quantity Surveyor…show more content…
He usually reports to the Project manager, Project Director or Contractor’s Director. Everyone (all the other quantity surveyors) on site reports to him. They also work alongside the architect in terms of the drawings, acquiring dimensions, the drafting of query sheets, verifying certain elements and making suggestions and judgments in terms of the choice of materials the architect’s choices during the design stage these judgments tend to be budget based. They also have a relationship with the client and they make sure that the client’s demands are met to a

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