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As part of the assignment for this chapter I recognized and prioritized my education, career, life goals. This was an interesting exercise because it made me analyze my goals which I had not done in a long time. I conceded my goals as follows; Education: graduate with a BAAS in the Fall of 2017 semester, start a Master degree in the Spring of 2018, graduate with a Master degree by Fall of 2021. Career: achieve a higher level in my position (via training, certification, etc.) by April of 2017, find a career that will provide a more personal satisfaction by 2018. Life: spend more time with my daughters, travel to Europe, be more financially stable, buy a new home, travel to Hawaii. The education, career and life goals are in a priority order to which I am planning to achieve each one of them moreover. People change their priorities, and I am not an exception, but I have two daughters that depend on me, so my main concerns have changed related to education, career and life goals. I compared these recent goals listed above with the goals that I set for myself ten years ago, a reasonable number …show more content…

Occasionally we tend to set goals that are too vague and not realistic, which makes difficult to keep track of our progress towards these goals, ordinarily individuals give up in the goals which led them to feel as if they have failed. The first time I set goals for myself they were unclear and of a wide-range, which made it enormously difficult to keep track of my progress towards the goals, but more importantly, it made it extremely challenging for these goals to be reached, which left me with a sensation of disappointment. Hence, more important than setting goals is to make sure that these education, career and life goals are specific and

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  • Explains that they prioritized their education, career, and life goals as part of the assignment for this chapter.
  • Opines that education, career, and life goals are important because they can keep track of their growth, be aware if they should speed up the process to reach their goals, or relax a little.
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