Career Essay: The Career Of A Police Officer

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Police Officer Steven Seagal once said , “It is a lot harder now to be an Police Officer than what it used to be.” When I was six years old my family and I had got into really bad accident, a Police Officer pulled out my mother, brother and me before the car caught on fire. He could have saved the younger man in the other car, but he made the decision to save my family. Ever since then I have always admired Police Officers and their service. The career of a Police Officer is a eye opening and amazing experience ,because you 'll come in contact with parts of society that you never knew existed . The research will describe the career of a Police Officer, what is required to become a successful, and the impact this career has on society. The prime duty of a Police Officer is to protect people and their property . Regular duties of a Police Officer include keeping watch on designated areas, discharge laws, answering calls for any situation , arresting anyone suspected of engaged in crimes, issuing tickets, testifying in court and making traffic stops. Police officers write reports regarding to the incidents.It…show more content…
Anyone in this career field will have the training to know what to do in any situation. Also depending your position will determine in which situations you will be called upon to handle.It will benefit the person going into this career field to seek for more than the training provide for their position. This career offers so many great advantages to learn new and improved ways to handle situations without using force or brutality against people. More benefits this field offers is getting too see parts of the community that aren 't really talked about or seen on a daily basis. Also getting to meet people with different stories and backgrounds. Overall this career benefits in ways that will open one 's understanding of communities, methods of safety and in tragic
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