Career Essay: My Career Journey

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Career Journey When I was a kid I dreamt of being a princess. Every little girls dream right? When I became an adolescent I realized that was not realistic and I would soon have to choose a real career. Growing up I was always told to choose a profession that would make me a lot of money. I was told to go to college get an education and make something of myself. I thought about becoming a doctor but soon decided that, that was way too much school. I settled with becoming a nurse. Not quite a doctor but still a great profession and I would still make a decent amount of money. After spending a week volunteering at a middle school I had an epiphany and was finally clear on what my true career path should be. I began school in August 2000; I was so excited because I was finally on the path to becoming a nurse and making a great deal of money to support myself and my daughter. My college career started later than I anticipated because I conceived my daughter and had to stay home and take care of her. I was faced with several obstacles as I was a single mother. I felt very sad and depressed because I felt like…show more content…
I took some additional time off because now I had two children to feed. After about a year, I began looking for work in the school district. I did not have enough college credit hours to sub so I searched high and low for a paraprofessional position. I came across and administrative assistant position at Twin Creeks and applied, when I was offered the position I was ecstatic and I jumped at the opportunity with no hesitation. Soon after I began my new job, I turned my focus on getting back into school. I went to San Jacinto Community college to speak with the advising staff so they could assist me in choosing the right classes for my career choice. I selected the necessary courses to complete my path with becoming a teacher, my future was looking
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