Career Essay: Career And Career Choices In Life

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Career Choices One of the hardest choices in life is choosing what you want to do with the rest of your life. I am approaching nineteen years old and not matured from my Gatsby seventeen year old ambitions. It is hard for me to think about a set thing when i get my degree. When I get my degree I want to do something that no other person has done before. I have no clue what that is at this moment of my life. I would like to help people in everything I do. The thing that intrigues me about chemical engineering is that I have so many options. A very ambitious task that would hard but, I never realized was a option in chemical engineering is dealing with food. If I could stop the whole world from being hungry, I would. Even if I only…show more content…
If I could make a cure for sickness that would make the world a better place. A medicine that helps people deal with drug addiction or a medicine that helps special people or even cures cancer! All of this interest me because it would help the world. With a chemical engineering degree I would like to make the world a better place however I can. I feel like this degree will help me achieve that goal. It might be a little out there but it is what I want to do. In four years or however long this degree takes, I might just get out of college and want to have a family and a steady job but right now I want to help the world. I want to make a impact on society in a positive way with a degree in chemical…show more content…
I would try to start my own company in the field I liked working in the most. I would try to start making a difference on the world. If I cannot do that because of time, bills, and family I would like to have a very stable job with enough income to make sure I can give my family a good life. In Farmington, New Mexico, my hometown there are tons of opportunities in the oil and gas industry that would be great jobs. One great opportunity that could really work out for me is Speerx. My granddad started a company called speerx. Nobody has really run it since him but he has a lot of land and the mineral rights in hand. I think it would be a blessing to be able to get that company up and running

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