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The career I selected to pursue when I get out of college is a software engineering position. I am choosing this career because of the great interest I have in this field. Also, this field of work is always changing so you cannot succeed without adapting to new information. This means that my work environment will not always be same, which I enjoy. I have researched other careers in the field of work, but software engineering is the one that interests me the most. A typical workday as a software engineer has you reviewing programs and code for existing software and finding ways to make it more efficient to save time on operating cost (Software Engineer Job Description, n.d.). This is an average day where you are not assigned to create any new software or meet with anyone to discuss the current situation with the programs that you have now. As a software engineer you will be working in a team where you need good communication and people skills to get work done. A group of programmers will be assigned to you if needed to further along a project that may take a long amount of time to complete. You would need to coordinate these programmers so that everyone is on the same page and that the task gets…show more content…
A computer science major is a very difficult major if you have no passion or dive for it, and even when you do you can still have troubles. I have a great interest in this career and I made sure that this is something that I want to pursue. I am going to make sure that work for my computer science classes comes first and get help when I need it to make me successful. Also, as stated before, there is a great amount of completion for entry level positions. If anyone wants to get into this field, then they have to make sure that they make themselves stand out from the rest. I plan on making a website that has links to all of the projects that I have worked on so whoever is hiring can see examples of what I can

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