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Vannari Sang CG 140 A Module 6 Research Paper The career field I’m interested in is social work. Social work professions can specialize on many different things such as families, clinic patients, students and more. Social workers strive to help others through difficulties they are having in life and therefore help improve communities that need the help. School social workers make a connection “between the home, school and community in providing direct as well as indirect services to students, families and school personnel to promote and support students' academic and social success” (School Social Worker’s Role). I had a school social worker when I was in high school who reached out to me while I was in middle school. For a while, I considered him to be my counselor, but when he told me he was a social worker, I looked into the profession and realized that that I could fulfill my goal of making the world a better place by joining this work field. I believe that social workers ultimate goal is to create harmonious, understanding communities and push for happier living. As a social…show more content…
When I tell people that I’d like to join the social work field, they always tell me I'm crazy and that they’d never be able to do it, but it just sounds so effortless to me to be there for someone in need. I think I’m now leaning towards being a caseworker for a private agency versus my earlier interest in becoming a veterinary social worker. I still would like to eventually start an animal rescue, but I am more focused on my career as a social worker for now. I would love to go to University of Washington and apply for a study abroad program, but my wallet says Portland State University is where I will go. I am excited to have made another step forward towards my final decision on what I’d like to do in the future through the research I’ve

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