Care Model Of Health Care

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Defining Managed Care Managed care is a system put in place to control the cost of health care. Managed care growth began in the 1990’s and prevents users of medical insurance from over using or abusing the medical systems. The mange care model is made up of different types of plans. These plans consists Health Maintenance Organizations (HMO), Preferred Provider Organizations (PPO), Point of Service plans (POS), and Indemnity insurance plans. Defining Accountable Care Organizations According to Kongstvedt (2013) an Accountable Care Organizations (ACO) is described as a type of care that is made up of a group of providers that deliver care to a specific group of beneficiaries. ACOs also take on the financial risk of the patient they are taking care of. In relation to behavior/mental health disorders ACO’s do not professional in the specialty of behavioral…show more content…
The Chromic Care Model (CCM) was developed to integrate more of a patient centered approach to medical symptoms. Often time when caring for patients it was the acute symptoms that took priority the management of reoccurring systems where over looked. The CCM model has help promote the development and implementation of easier access to care for behavioral health patients. According to the authors of the journal article Mental Health in ACOs: Missed Opportunities and Low Hanging Fruit the CCM has proven to be an effective method of making access to behavioral health easier. It has included mental health in to the primacy care sector making it easier to screen patients then follow up with them after. By allowing this in primary care it has identified more high-risk individuals more quickly and providing them with the most effective treatments. This over time could lead to a decline in the number of people using facilities such as behavioral health lowing to the cost spent on mental health
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