Cardiology and Coronary Artery Disease

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In our world today, there are many different types of occupations that play a major role in society. Out of all occupations, one of the most well respected occupations is being a doctor. There are various types of medical fields that one can choose to study. Nowadays, when one wants to major in a medical field, their automatic medical field is to study Neurology or Cardiology. Both of these medical fields are extremely important and well known, especially Cardiology. According to current researchers, cardiac-related diseases are the most deadly and most occurring compared to other diseases. “As of 2008, 17.3 million or 30% of the global deaths were related to cardiovascular diseases” (Heart). It is crucial for Cardiologists to figure out different cures for these particular diseases. Furthermore, it is known that, when one is diagnosed with a certain disease, there are possible chances that the certain disease that one currently has can lead to another disease of the same kind. Now, to what extent does the abnormality of the heart plaque in Coronary Artery Diseases influence the chances of having a heart failure?
To begin with, what exactly is Cardiology? How does Cardiology relate to the heart? Cardiology is known as the medical specialty of dealing with diagnosis and treatments of different diseases and abnormalities related to the heart and blood vessels. Cardiologists have always been providing the care of their patients dealing with various cardiovascular diseases, which are making their lives miserable. Out of all, Cardiologists are one of the most important doctors today. They perform the studies of the heart, its functions, and “supervising all aspects of therapy, including the administration of drugs t...

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