Cardiologist: An Extended Odyssey

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To become a cardiologist it takes innumerable steps to finally reach this destination. You cannot just wish that you will be a cardiologist in seconds. Before thinking about high school, college, medical school, and other training you must work hard before all of this, to, achieve your destination. Even in elementary school you must have a high GPA or high grades in all topics. You can’t just excel in certain subjects because all subjects help to become a successful cardiologist. Along with this, you must know if you will be willing to work hard and learn from birth till death. As a start, when you are in high school, you need to excel in all of your classes whether it is in English or Mathematics. In addition, in high school students must complete coursework in math, chemistry, biology, and physics. To become a cardiologist there are different requirements that tell you what classes you might have to take in your years in high school. Whatever the case, to become a cardiologist you need to have a high GPA throughout your education. After this a cardiologist must go to college for 4 years and complete at least three years of a bachelor’s degree and that will enable you to attend medical school. Although, because the admission to medical school is very competitive many students have to have a 4 year bachelor’s degree. Once having a 3-4 year bachelor’s degree students are required to take a test called the MCAT or the Medical College Admission Test. There is no set score that students must achieve to enter medical school because it depends on the medical school’s expectations. Once entering medical school students must go through four years of it. The first two years of medical school require students to study basic sciences. Th...

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... for the job inside and outside of school. Other examples include student’s parents who can help with learning the required skills as much as they can to help students. On the other hand, some skills that are required for becoming a cardiologist may come naturally to some people. Specific examples of this include, a student naturally having excellent social skills or if a student can work under stress no matter what. While some skills can come naturally, some can come by learning them. For instance, learning how to interact with patients in medical school or learning to multitask outside of school in indirect or direct ways. In addition, one can be taught by a cardiologist how to insert a pacemaker outside of school. All of these are examples of how and where a student can receive the skills, talents, and experience to become a cardiologist in and outside of school.
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