Carcinogens In Cigarettes Essay

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The harmful carcinogens in cigarettes cause about 480,000 deaths each year. These amounts of casualties seem to me as a serious problem, which needs to be addressed and reduced immediately. Cigarettes are known to have a variety of chemicals inside of them ranging from acetone to tar. The chemicals inside of cigarettes have been directly linked to cancer related effects. Due to the poisonous effects and numerous complications involved with cigarettes, they should be made illegal to sell and consume within the United States. Although there are thousands of reasons why cigarettes should be illegal, in this argumentative essay I will closely examine three. The effects of carcinogens, stress of addiction and death prevention are the three main reasons why cigarettes should be illegal.
. Smoking is the leading cause of death by cancer. 1 out of every 5 deaths occurring in America is due to its cancerous effects. The Center for Disease Control estimates that over 46 million Americans smoke cigarettes daily. The International Agency for Research on Cancer is a world health organization that identifies causes of cancer. Through the use of patterns and lab results they can classify certain elements as carcinogens. A carcinogen can be defined as any substance or toxin that is known to produce cancer. There are more than 6000 of these cancer producing toxins found within cigarettes. Arsenic, Benzene, and Vinyl chloride are just a few of the most harmful carcinogens used by tobacco companies. Vinyl chloride is a basic component in manufacturing plastic. Excessive exposure to vinyl chloride has been proven to be pre-cancerous ultimately manifesting into full blown malignant cancer. The most notable effect of vinyl chloride is the cause of...

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...rough something known as a withdrawal; which can be very unpleasant and discouraging. A withdrawal is the event experienced when a person who has been regularly using a substance, suddenly stops. Withdrawing from nicotine has multiple symptoms that can be characterized as irritability, impatience, hostility, depression, and even a decreased heart rate. Within 3-4 hours a smoker can began to withdraw from lack of nicotine use. Almost all smokers ----want---- and probably try to stop smoking, but in most cases the craving for nicotine overcomes their will to quit. Truth is, it is so difficult for smokers to quit smoking, because they are addicted. If there was a ban on cigarettes or even a stricter regulation, it could discourage people from even trying a single cigarette. It could alleviate the inevitability of addiction and the dependence on cigarettes in general.