Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Essay

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Every so often, a story on the news will be shared about someone who has died of carbon monoxide poisoning. The thought of this actually happening to yourself or someone you know is a scary one and not so unrealistic. Widely known as the “silent killer,” carbon monoxide has no odor, no color, and no taste. Without a detector, it is difficult to tell if high levels of carbon monoxide are existent. If the early signs of high carbon monoxide levels are not detected, people who are subjected to these high levels are likely to lose consciousness and possibly die (New York State Department of Health, 2014). Approximately 170 people die from carbon monoxide poisoning in the United States a year along with many individuals who are hospitalized because of high levels of carbon monoxide exposure (KUSA, 2014). While several states such as New York, Colorado and Minnesota have laws requiring individuals to have carbon monoxide detectors in their homes, many of these states do not require businesses to have them (NCSL, 2014). Over the past few years, deaths in restaurants and hotels due to carbon monoxide poisoning have occurred. Many businesses have appliances that use fossil fuel burning equipment that can produce carbon monoxide such as furnaces and water heaters. Shouldn’t businesses that run the risk of having their employees exposed to high levels of carbon monoxide take the proper precautions to prevent this? By having carbon monoxide detectors in businesses that have fossil fuel burning equipment such as hotels and restaurants, many lives can be saved in the future.
The way carbon monoxide affects the body is by entering into the red blood cells and replacing the oxygen our body needs in order to function properly. The blood takes t...

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... tragic stories of those who have lost their lives due to carbon monoxide poisoning show how horrible this type of poisoning can be, yet preventable. It is hard to predict when carbon monoxide will strike, and the only way this can be prevented is by making sure detectors are existent in any business that contains carbon monoxide producing equipment. Hopefully, another tragic incident will not have to occur in order for more states to pass new laws. Health and safety is the most important factor in any environment and needs to always be taken seriously. Even though carbon monoxide poisoning doesn’t happen everyday, carbon monoxide detectors are inexpensive and can save someone’s family from possibly losing their loved one. Conclusively, the stricter the laws in regards to mandatory carbon monoxide detectors in businesses, the more lives will be saved in the future.
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