Carbon Cycle Essay

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The carbon cycle is known as an essential part in life itself. Although carbon is limited on earth Its constant cycle allows it to be set in different places and forms. The reactions that move carbon around make up a giant web called the carbon cycle. The carbon cycle can be defined as the continuous biological process through which the carbon is exchanged between the environment and the organisms. Carbon specifically, is a major attribute of the Biogeochemistry of the planet ,as it is exchanged among the biosphere, pedosphere, geosphere, hydrosphere, and atmosphere of the Earth. Carbon is the only element other than Silicon to form long continuous chains, as It is a nonmetallic tetravalent. however, silicon having weaker inter molecular forces…show more content…
The process of the carbon cycle can be evaluated or shown through various processes that transfer around a carbon; for example, photosynthesis, cellular respiration, decomposition, etc.…. photosynthesis displays carbon in the atmosphere as the carbon dioxide gas enters the network of the consumers and producers by the energy in sunlight. CO2 and water is then absorbed through the producer’s pores in their leaves and converted into glucose and oxygen, which is a necessity in the reproduction and growth of the producer. Once the glucose is made, cellular respiration occurs and The Glucose then goes through glycolysis which splits the molecule into two pyruvate molecules. These two molecules go on to stage II of cellular respiration and use the energy that was used from splitting glucose into two molecules of ATP(energy). As glycolysis proceeds, energy is released, and the energy is used to increase the number of ATP(energy). Although we tend to only think of the carbon cycle as effecting above land, surprisingly oceans play a critical role in the cycle as well. Oceans act and create a large carbon sink that is mixed with the atmospheres. The carbon dioxide slowly dissolves into the water; and the oceans provide a huge reservoir of carbon. ‘Across the world's oceans there is a continual cycle of equilibration of dissolved carbon dioxide in water with carbon dioxide in the atmosphere “. Carbon dioxide occurs in three main forms – Carbon dioxide, bicarbonate and carbonate ions. As concentrations of carbon dioxide increase ,the carbonate ions become limited and oceans begin to uphold less co2 from the
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