Car Dealerships

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For this project I decided to visit three car dealerships and make my observations. The first dealership that I visited was Westboro Auto Exchange, which is a small used car dealership that sells a variety of cars. The second dealership that I visited was Duddie Ford, which is a large dealership that sells mostly new midrange priced American cars and trucks. The third dealership that I visited was Foreign Motor West, which is an average size dealership that specializes in selling BMWs.
Upon arriving at Westboro Auto exchange there was no other customers and I couldn’t even find any one to talk to. As I was about to leave I man yelled to me and I turned around to see a man running down a set of stairs from a house next to the lot that I assume must have been his. He seemed to be some were between the ages of 35 to 40 and he was dressed very casually. He asked me if I was interested in buying a car and I told him that I was just looking around. He then asked me if I was going to buy how much was I looking to spend? I replied by telling him between 12 to15 thousand. He then took me around the lot and showed me all the cars in that price range and pointed out every little detail about each one. I kept thinking to my self if this guy new I was only here for an assignment he would probably kill me. The lot was very well maintained and the cars were laid out in a very aesthetically pleasing manor. I think this was not just by coincidence I think this man new what he had to do to attract people to his dealership. After leaving I felt very pleased with the way I was treated although it would have been nice if he was there sooner and had been dressed a little nicer but overall it was good.
After leaving pleased from Westboro Auto Exchange I decided to go to Duddie Ford. It was a relatively nice Saturday so there were a lot of people at the dealership. Most of the potential customers were families looking at new cars. The lot was a little crowded with cars and was not very well organized. It looked like they had just had a new shipment delivered and didn’t have anywhere to put all the cars.
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