Car Dealership Case Study

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Was the salesperson interested in your wants and needs or were they more interested in selling a certain product? Did the salesperson explain the features and benefits of the product and how it meets your wants and needs? What was the benefit of purchasing the item from that particular salesperson/company compared to another? Would you recommend that salesperson to family or friends looking to buy a similar product? What did they do right and what would you have done differently to make it a better shopping experience for the customer?

1st Salesman- Car Dealership
As I went to shop, and price out cars at Lakewood Ford, looking to purchase a new vehicle in the near future, I was greeted by a salesman who ultimately made me feel comfortable
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The dealership was altogether a pleasant experience. There isn’t anything that I would have done differently. Therefore, the benefit of me potentially purchasing a car from Lakewood Ford is not only because they have primarily Ford vehicles, but, they have amazing deals and positive feedback. As a result, I’ll recommend Lakewood Ford to family and friends. Remember, people can purchase cars from several different car dealerships, especially new and used cars; but, what differentiates other dealerships and cars being sold is experience and customer service that is shown by the sales…show more content…
Therefore, I initiated the introduction by reaching out my hand, telling the salesman my name. After he finally decided to introduce himself back to me, he then proceeds to ask me the same question, “looking to purchase a car?” Unaware of my actual reasons being there, him assuming I was there to purchase a vehicle right then and there was definitely a lack of sales skills and professionalism. Asking the right questions is very vital when employed in the sales field. Moreover, with so much competition and car dealerships located less than a mile away, patience is your best friend. Therefore, at this point I realized this particular salesman was more focused on “getting the sale”, opposed to holding an interest of my needs and

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