Captain Kirk: A Narrative Fiction

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They had really only been sitting down for about fifteen minutes. Beatrice's bed time was 8:45, so Dean had more than enough time to stay up into the night introducing Castiel to TV shows and movies- all of the classics that he had never seen. Charlie of course had insisted they watch "Star Trek" this paticular weekend between her bubbly laughter and piles of video games she "absolutely HAD to play". Dean of course agreed, partly because he knew Charlie's geekines was a force to be reckoned with, and partly because Captain Kirk was, well, Captain Kirk. It was about halfway through the episode, Dean knew this because the evening had begun with Castiel leaning against his shoulder, and now he had succseeded in tangling up their long legs together …show more content…

"Yeah totally," Dean snorted "Maybe we can invite Uncle Sammy over so you can braid his hair," he joked, then laughed a bit at the thought of Sam, a muscled man standing 6'5, in braids with sparkly hair ties. "You really think he'd let me?" The girl giggled out. "So, about that bedtime story," Cas teased. He was the official 'Bedtime story King' as Beatrice put it. "OH YEAH! I want Dadda to tell me a bedtime story that I get to pick out all by MYSELF!" She stage whispered excitedly. "All by yourself? But didn't your Dadda already tell you a bed story when you were SUPPOSED to go to sleep earlier." He teased her, not having the heart to really scold her for something like staying up 15 minutes past her bedtime on a weekend. "Well ya see Daddy," she grinned mishcheviously "I was GOING to go to sleep but then I remembered something!" She whispered dramatically. "And what was that, Princess?" He replied, taking the bait. "SO," she began. "Remember how I ate ALL of my Mac AND all of peas at dinner?" "Yes Ma'm." "Well Dadda said that if I ate ALL of my dinner- even the gross green stuff, he'd let ME pick out a bedtime story all by my self!" "It's true," Castiel sighed with a mock …show more content…

He gazed adoringly after Beatrice as she all but flew up the stairs. With a rushed "M'kay." They really had to get Charlie to stop giving Bee sips of her frappicinos at 4 p.m. Caffine AND sugar is really not a good idea when it comes to hyper kids. Castiel slowly got up. His limbs were still heavy with rest, and he stretched his arms high over his head. He wasn't sure he'd ever get used to sleeping. Never-the-less, he moved to lead his Dean up the wooden stairing of their shaired home. It was much easier for him to get used to the feeling of his hand in Dean's, which were warm, and calloused from years of hunting monters of every kind, though more recently from his job as a mechanic. Beatrice's room was small, but cozy. The walls were pastel purple, and decorated with superhero sticker sporadically spread across the room. Her twin sized bed had Hermione themed sheets her Aunt Charlie had gotten her last Christmas. She was currently curled around it. She had taken towearing Castiel's shirts, though she dwarfed in comparison. Her room smelled like fresh laundry and strawberry chaptsick. Dean turned off the overhead light in favor of Beatrice's bedside lamp as Cas sat on the

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  • Narrates how dean and beatrice sat down for fifteen minutes and watched "star trek" with castiel. dean knew that charlie's geekines were a force to be reckoned with. cas was an octopus.
  • Analyzes how beatrice, like her father, paused for a thoughtful silence after dean said, "maybe i'm sleep talking."
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