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American movies have always been the most popular market among movie industry world-wide. Thus, Hollywood uses movies as a way of showing its ideas and expresses American culture and values to the world. Since 2009, Ironman became the one of the best-selling movies of the year, the superhero genre movies are coming to their golden year. In 2010, the movie, Captain America: the first Avenger, was a great hit when it came out.

Along all the comic characters, Captain America is one of the most famous and popular characters, and the oldest characters that Marvel has ever created. People take him as the symbol of America with his red-and-blue star strips uniform, as well as his pride of the nation. For me, the quickest and easier
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Although almost all the people around him make fun of him, he still holds his dream. When he was at the Modern Marvels Pavilion, a science fair, he tries to sign up for joining the army again, and his friend Bucky argues with him that a war is not as easy as he thinks. Then Rogers says, “Bucky come on, there are men laying down their lives. I got no right to do any less than them.” [9] And just because of his words, Doctor Abraham Erskine, the head of Strategic Scientific Research Department and the man who created the serum for super soldiers, notices Steve Rogers, and gives Rogers a chance of joining the army. Rogers’ words might sound simple, but that’s exactly what the American army really wants at that time, a man who is always considering about his own country, and always ready to sacrifice for the war. Here, the script shows that Rogers is an altruistic and patriotic…show more content…
For being a hero, except the inner aspects of being a good, altruistic person, the outside, or we should say physical appearance should also has some sort of heroic feeling. I am not say that only those strong and tough guy can be a hero. But considering the special meaning underneath the character of Captain America, I think having a muscular body is quite important.

The difference between Captain America and other superheroes that Marvel has introduced is that he is thinking as being a representation of the United States. He is the nationalist superhero, who is fighting as a symbol of its country. We can know that just through his name and his star spangled tight uniform with blue, white and red color. He is wearing the United States’ flag in some way. And also consider about the time when Captain America was created, he was a character that was meant to fight against Nazis. Therefore being powerful is really important.

From the movie, this impression can be more directly. From the start, Steve Rogers is not a big man, and he has lots of trouble with his health like asthma. His body looks like a week teenage boy who is not able to afford anything to

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